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Raksha Charitable Trust
Raksha Charitable Trust aka RCT is a registered organization under Public and Society Act. It is engaged in many activities for social welfare especially for the children from deprived and under priviledged background.

Raksha Charitable Trust is working for the betterment of Economically and Socially backward children and women in the rural and urban slum areas of Vadodara.

It  helps the children of the aforesaid groups  in educating them and also training them with few soft skills. Alongwith imparting the knowledge and education Raksha Charitable Trust conducts various creative Crafts and Talent enhancement acitivities.

Raksha Charitable Trust also encourages and conducts Sports and Fitness Activities for these children to create a Strong Healthy and Fit TOMORROW for these children and in a way help in creating a healthier and educated society at large.